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We open our doors and begin our production Season during late spring with our Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Patch! This season usually begins around the first week of June (some years a little earlier).

We have 3 acres of berries that are waiting to be picked and enjoyed by all, whether they are made into pies and jam, sprinkled over ice cream and pound cake, or just eaten right out of the bowl. Make it a family event by bringing out the kids and get your picking done a little faster!

Strawberry Picking Field Trip

We can also entertain organized groups of children (10 or more please). The strawberry field trip costs $4 per child and includes 1 quart of strawberries (picked by the children, of course) and an ice cold slushee to cool down with after the picking is done. Please call the farm for more information regarding a field trip and to set a date.

Hours during this season are Monday through Saturday 8am-5pm (Note: You may want to call prior to ensure that ripe berries are available for picking).

For current picking status of the strawberries, please call the farm at 614-873-5725. Please do not send e-mails for information needed in less than 48 hours.

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*Because we can't plan on the weather and the seasons, all prices are subject to change!