Fruits and Vegetables

*Because we can't plan on the weather and the seasons, all prices are subject to change!

Fresh for June

Item Approx. Availability Comments
Pick Your Own Strawberries Early through late June 5 varieties - come out and pick them yourself or order them pre-picked
Peas Starting early/mid June Varieties: Shelling, Sugar Snap, and Snow Pod

Fresh for July

Item Approx. Availability Comments
Blackberries Starting mid/late July
Cucumbers Starting early July Slicing and pickling varieties
Green Beans Starting early July Snap beans, half runners, yellow wax beans. Bushel quantities available.
Michigan Sour Cherries Pre-Order these!!! Expected early/ mid July Fresh-picked, pitted, and shipped. Montmorency variety.
Onions starting mid July Fresh, sweet -- red, white, yellow
Potatoes Starting mid/late July New Red varieties and Yukon Gold
Black Raspberries Early through Mid July
Sweet Corn Starting mid July White, yellow, Bi-color varieties. Bushel quantities available
Tomatoes Starting mid July
Zucchini & Summer Squash Starting early July

Fresh for August

Item Approx. Availability Comments
Cucumbers All month Slicing and Pickling varieties
Green Beans All month Snap beans, half runners, yellow wax. Bushel quantities available.
Melons All month Cantaloupe and watermelon
Onions All month Sweet varieties -- red, white, yellow
Peaches All month Fresh from Pennsylvania. Freestone varieties
Peppers Starting early August Sweet and Hot varieties
Pick-Your-Own Red Raspberries Starting late August Varieties: Caroline and Autumn Bliss
Potatoes All month New Red & Yukon Gold
Zucchini & Summer Squash All month
Sweet Corn All month White, Yellow, Bi-color varieties. Bushel quantities available.
Tomatoes All month Bushel quantities available.
Okra Starting early August

Fresh for September / October

Item Approx. Availability Comments
Green Beans Through mid September Snap beans, half runners, yellow wax
Peppers Until frost Sweet and Hot varieties
Pick-Your-Own Red Raspberries Until frost Varieties: Caroline and Autumn Bliss
Potatoes through September New Red & Yukon Gold
Pumpkins Starting mid September thru October Pick-your-own Jack-o-lantern & baking varieties
Zucchini & Summer Squash Through early/mid September
Sweet Corn Through early September White, Yellow, Bi-Color Varieties
Tomatoes Until frost Bushel quantities available.
Okra Until frost
Winter Squash Mid September thru October Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti varieties and More!!
Apples and Cider Mid September thru October Assorted varieties from the local grower fresh picked!!


Item Approx. Availability Comments
Jams and Jellies June thru October Assorted varieties. Private labelled premium preserves
Slushees June through October Seasonal flavors -- cool down with one of these! YUM!!
Caramel Apples Weekends in October Hand-dipped here... the best around!

*Please Note: These are approximate dates only, and are subject to change due to weather and availability. For more information regarding availability, please call us at (614) 873-5725.

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