Frequently Asked Questions

Is your farm organic?

No, we are not organic. We are most likely referred to as a conventional farm in which we use fertilizers on our crops along with chemicals to control diseases and pests. We are very conscious of our spray schedules and the specific chemicals we use and always keep safety in mind. However, these chemicals are very beneficial in the production of our fruits and vegetables as they help to maximize quality.

Do you grow everything on your farm?

We grow almost all of the fruits and vegetables we sell at our farm. It is the main reason our customers keep coming back. We pride ourselves on the quality of produce that we grow. There are some items that we do not grow, particularly fruit, that we bring in from other local growers to add assortment and variety to our market. Such fruits include sour cherries, peaches, black raspberries, blackberries, melons and apples. At times, we may also bring in other produce to supplement our own, but be assured that quality is guaranteed.

How much does it cost to come to your farm?

There is no charge for admission to come to our farm. When you come to the farm, you pay for the goods/produce that you want to buy and the activities in which you want to participate.